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Education changes everything

Education builds community, confidence and opportunity for those on the move.

​RefugeeEd works to ensure children and adults on the move have access to a good education.

We support local education organisations in Greece and other countries, providing free capacity building, volunteer teachers and resources. We run a training programme for displaced people who have set up their own teaching practice in camps and community spaces. 

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Today in Greece...

there are 169,000 refugees or asylum seekers. Many are in camps and unstable accommodation

We work together to ensure people on the move have access to a good education.

How can you help?

Refugee children learning in a refugee camp in Greece


We rely on donations.

Your support means that we can continue to deliver our programme and reach more children.

Voluteer as a teacher in a refugee camp through refugeeEd



Volunteer with community teachers or local education organisations: in Greece or remotely.

Run a marathon for refugees! Raise money with a fundraiser fr educaion


From a simple bake sale to a marathon, whatever you can raise makes a huge difference!

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Check out our resources and webinars to learn more about teaching with people on the move.

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Explore our blog to see what it's like to volunteer through refugeeEd, and what we've been up to.

Stay in the loop about what we're up to, and hear about events and opportunities to get involved.

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Syrian refugee children in Lebanon schoo

Find out more about our work and team. 

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