About Us

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Our mission

To ensure that children and adults fleeing violence have access to a good education,

by promoting collaboration and providing support and expertise to local organisations, teachers, and volunteers.


Our values



Bringing communities together to harness the skills and talents of all.

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 Enabling lasting change by releasing human potential.



 Always acting responsibly.


Our story

Our founder, primary school teacher Helen Brannigan spent a year and a half in Greece working with refugee education organisations.

For these organisations, every day brings fresh challenges:

Arrivals and departures of people who access services, changes in local and governmental approaches, emergencies in the camp or community, and much more.


People volunteering with these organisations have incredible stamina, compassion and commitment as they react to the emergency situation.


But the nature of the situation can mean it's challenging to put in place training, structures, and long-term strategies for education.


Helen thought we must be able to do more to support these organisations, by sharing experience, expertise and knowledge.

That's how refugeeEd was born.


Education offers so much to children and adults fleeting violence and hardship.


Many children have been out of school for years as they fled from conflict. Some have never been.


It is crucial for them to get back into education as soon as possible as they go through key stages of development.


Education provides stability and routine in a world of chaos and uncertainty. It offers a safe space where children can come every day, knowing what to expect and knowing that they will be valued and included. 


Many adults are now waiting up to five years for an asylum interview in Greece. During this time they are not permitted to work.


Education develops community, and offers purpose: something to work towards during this time in limbo.


Language skills - which most organisations focus on - mean people's skills and qualifications have value in their new country. With language they can settle and communicate with those around them. 

Why education?


It's vital that education is tailored to the needs of children and adults experiencing trauma and other challenges. This is where we can help.

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Our work so far


refugee children and adults have benefited since we registered as a UK charity in 2018, through:

    ✓ Partnering with 50 local education organisations

    ✓ Matching 38 education specialists with organisations

    ✓ Holding 4 Greece-wide training programmes and 9 webinars

    ✓  Regular Educators' Meetups for teachers to share knowledge and ideas

Volunteer in refugee camp walks children to school

Check out stories and updates from our team, partners and supporters.


What next?

  • We have been adapting our activities in light of the changing COVID-19 situation. Over lockdown we moved to supporting refugee education providers online through webinars, workshops and mentoring. We were overwhelmed with support from amazing, experienced educators across the world, who've set to work supporting organisations.  

  • As programmes now return to offering classes on the ground we are carefully adapting our support, considering restrictions around required quarantines and continuing to offer some services online.

  • We are expanding our work so that we can support more local education organisations in Greece and beyond, by matching them with more education specialists and providing more workshops and training programmes. 

  • As we can't hold our usual fundraising events, we need to raise crucial funds so that we can support our field coordinator to remain in the role to enable all of this to happen. 

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