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Fundraise or spread the word

We are a small, volunteer-run charity, where every fundraiser, news article or educational event can make a big difference. Where you can be sure that the money you raise will directly support education for asylum seekers and people on the move. 

Our work so far has enabled 4,500 refugee children and adults to access a good education since we first began refugeeEd in 2018. With your help we can continue this work, spread the word about the situation for asylum seekers and people on the move across Europe, and advocate for equal access to quality education for all.


We need your support in order to raise crucial funds to keep our work going. It's only through the generous support of fundraisers and supporters that we are able to do this.


Thank you.


No matter how much time you have spare, there are tons of creative ways you can raise money for refugeeEd; from organising a quiz night to running a marathon or shaving your head. In our Fundraising Pack below, you will find some helpful ideas and tips about how to make the most out of your fundraising, whether that be through organising an event, completing a challenge, or running another activity.

Image by Miguel A. Amutio

Spread the Word

We believe that education is fundamental to understanding. Through teaching others about the situation for asylum seekers and people on the move across Europe, their right to a quality education, and advocating for community led initiatives, we hope to contribute to a narrative and reality in which people on the move are dignified and contributing citizens of Europe.


Printable Materials

Downloadable materials for your fundraising and advocacy efforts. Please reach out to us if you’d like a bespoke poster design or need other support for promoting your fundraiser.

Image by Heather Ford

Volunteer with our comms and fundraising team

We are run by a small, friendly team of volunteers. Could you join our team to help us spread the word and raise crucial funds?

Helping with our social media enables us to reach more volunteers, donors and supporters. As well as raising awareness about the importance of education in humanitarian contexts.

Supporting our fundraising team will help us raise the money we need to keep going. 

Together we will make sure that children and adults on the move have access to a good education.


How you can help

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could purchase a dongle to enable a new cohort of teachers to access our CTT programme remotely.

Image by Dylan Calluy


could purchase a projector so that teachers can engage and participate in our CTT programme.



could fund a stipend for one of our coordinators to run our programmes for one month.



could fully fund all of our programmes for one month.

We'd love to hear from you if you need any more help or ideas for how you can support us to spread the word and raise funds.

Don't hesitate to get in touch at:

Need more information?

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