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Volunteer as a teacher if you can spare 6 weeks to deliver classes for refugee children and/or adults

Volunteer as an Education Specialist if you are an experienced teacher. You can support organisations to develop, mentor teachers and lead training. 

See our current openings for other positions, including long-term coordination positions based in Greece.



As the refugee crisis fades away from the headlines, more and more local organisations are struggling to find teaching volunteers. So sign up today if you can give at least 6 weeks to make a real difference to the future of children and adults arriving into Europe.

As a teacher you will be:

  • Teaching in camps, community centres, or refuges.

  • Planning and delivering lessons for children and/or adults.

  • Possibly helping with other areas of the organisation, such as games and activities, or food/clothing distribution.

At refugeeEd we are here to support you before, during and after your trip. We can match you up with organisations that we work with who are most in need of your time and skills. Most are in Greece, and one or two are in Lebanon and Serbia.

You do not need teaching experience to volunteer your time - just the motivation to help and do your best. This role is particularly suited to those who've completed a teaching qualification and want to build up some experience and develop your teaching style before applying for full-time posts. It's also great for experienced teachers who want to challenge themselves and teach in a new context. 

Want to know more?​

  1. Read our blogs to find out what other teachers have said about their trips

  2. Read our FAQ

  3. Sign up and we'll be in touch with more detailed info and to answer your questions

  4. Check out our resources to help prepare to teach

Education Specialists

(Online or in the field)

Can you spare time during school holidays and use your teaching skills to develop refugee education projects? 

Or are you on a career break and want to come out and support for longer?

Perhaps you've been furloughed and want to put your extra time to good use? Or you want to help but can't travel at the moment?

Education specialists (online or in the field) are experienced teachers who work intensively to help develop local education organisations and make a lasting impact.


Education specialists observe the organisation or respond to project needs and then help develop a support programme. This could include:

  • Teaching classes, if you are here long enough.
  • Leading teacher training sessions.
  • Supporting teachers through team-teaching, demo’s, observations, feedback, etc
  • Supporting long-term volunteers to mentor others.
  • Helping coordinators with educational issues & ideas.

  • Helping put in place new policies and procedures.

  • Developing curriculums, schemes of work, new educational projects, initiatives, approaches, etc.

  • Developing behaviour management strategies, Early Years approaches etc.

  • Running a multi-organisational training session or programme.

At refugeeEd, we will match you with a local organisation that is most in need of your time and skills. We will also support you to prepare for your trip, and be on hand to help when you arrive.

Online Education Specialists will work remotely with a project or refugeeEd doing similar things as an in field specialist but with limitations. Their work might focus on resource development and hosting webinars.

Want to know more?

  1. Read our blogs to find out what other teachers have said about their trips

  2. Download our FAQ

  3. Sign up and we'll be in touch with a detailed guidance pack, to discuss whether mentoring is the right fit for you, and to answer your questions.

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Coordination roles

Join our long-term coordination team in Greece if you are interested in developing our programme and increasing the number or children and adults that we can reach.


Check out our current vacancies:


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