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Our 4-day teacher training in Greece (27-30 January 2020)

After four busy but exciting days running teacher training workshops in Athens and Northern Greece we feel extremely grateful for the trust that attendees put in us. We hope to see you all soon as we offer more workshops to support teachers working in this unique context.

46 attendees came independently or from organisations working in education across the country.

ANKAA Project

ECHO Refugee Library

Education Staff from DRC (Danish Refugee Council Greece)

Hellenic Red Cross - Multifunctional Centre for Refugees


IHA (Intereuropean Human Aid Association)

Intervolve- Írida women's centre

IsraAID- Sindos Community Centre

Jesuit Refugee Service Hellas


Lifting Hands International Greece

Project Elea

Spark Projects

If you want further information about the amazing work they're doing, contact us at

We covered behaviour management, structuring sessions, early years methodology, using phonics to teach reading/writing, and tailoring adult ESL lessons in this context. It was very inspiring to spend a bit of time with our participants, learn from the inspiring work they're doing and share ideas, advice and experience.

We especially want to thank ECHO Hub Athens and Sindos Community Centre for providing a space for the workshops and for their kind support as well as Help Refugees for helping us arrange the training in Thessaloniki.

From refugeeEd we hope our contribution helps our attendees continue to build a good, empowering, inclusive education.

Watch this space for more workshops coming soon!

Let us know if there's anything you want to focus on in future workshops, or if you're interested in running a workshop yourself. In the meantime you can find resources to support teaching in this context on our website:

See you soon!


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