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May 2023 Update

A sunny hello to you from the refugeeEd team. <3 We hope you have had a great month! Here is a snapshot of what we have been up to in May… Our Community Teacher Training (CTT) Programme This month we have started two new CTT courses, one on Lesvos with our partners Movement on the Ground, and another in Serbia with our partners The Workshop. Both courses are going really well, with the leadership of two new excellent trainers, great facilitation through partner coordinators, and of course and as always the dedication and enthusiasm of the trainee teachers. Check back next month to find out how these courses are progressing!

Our Capacity Building Programme Online Workshop: Trauma-Informed Practice with Jaz Henry. The workshop provided valuable insights and practical strategies for educators working with individuals, who have experienced trauma.

Volunteers for Summer Placements in Greece We successfully matched a group of dedicated teaching students from the University of Missouri with organisations for their summer teaching placements in Greece. Connecting Organisations We believe in the power of collaboration. During May, we facilitated connections between organisations bringing organisations together, we aim to foster cooperation, resource sharing, and the exchange of best practices. We are excited to witness the positive impact that this collaboration will have on the refugee education landscape.

Online Training and Introduction to Teaching in Athens, Northern Greece, and Samos. Our team conducted a series of online training and introductory sessions on teaching in refugee contexts. We engaged with organisations in Athens, Northern Greece, and Samos, sharing our expertise and providing guidance to educators working directly with refugees. These sessions aimed to equip educators with the necessary knowledge and skills to create inclusive and effective learning environments. Upcoming workshops from RefugeeEd Online Refugee Education This workshop is an introduction to teaching refugees in an online context and how to embed lifelong learning practices. It can be used as a refresher for those with experience and to share best practices for new teachers. Introduction to teaching in the refugee context This workshop is an introduction to teaching concepts and practices in the refugee context.

This week is volunteers' week - check out our social media over June to hear from some of our volunteers and learn more about their experiences working in refugee education on the ground. We love partnering with local organisations on all things education, but we need funding in order to continue to support our partners with qualified teaching volunteers and specialist support. A huge thank you to all of our existing and past donors, you make our work possible! If you are not a current donor and feel that you would like to contribute financially to our work at refugeeEd, please follow this link to our donation page:

If you’d like to partner with us or you’d just like to chat about anything related to education - feel free to reach out to us at!

With love, The refugeeEd team


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