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Meet Wiebke!

Wiebke volunteered with Be Aware and Share (BAAS) in Ioannina last year and continues to work on online education provision for people on the move. Hear what she has to say about her experience below...

I learned more about understanding by…

…learning the rules of a card game without

talking just by playing and observing.

…learning a ton of non-verbal communication

that makes people feel good and safe like winks,

cool greetings, different smiles and so much more.

…making Google Translate my most used App.

If your goal is creating a classroom that does not serve the targets of the teacher only - but rather is planned with the goal of having an atmosphere that supports the learners' learning experience – then you need to be able to communicate.

Finding these ways of communication was already something new for me. As Elif mentioned it in her blog: It is the moment when there is no pressure and stress when people start sharing their ideas with you.

I learned more about the power of networks by…

…creating the Education in Epirus-Group

sipping delicious hot chocolate in one of Ioannina's coziest

cafes with teachers from other NGOs in Ioannina.

…discussing tools and possibilities to create more

multilingual and queer-friendly learning environments in the backyard

of IHA with the Educators Café-Group.

…joining webinars and discussions by INEE and

now starting to do my own ones.

It is incredible to see how many resources exist and how much knowledge is gathered worldwide when it comes to Education in Displacement. I am excited that I can continue working in this field remotely back in Berlin by creating networks to exchange resources. I am happy about everyone that joins the RefugeeEd or INEE community!

I learned more about cocreating education by

…seeing the Community Library grow and the happy

faces of people finding texts in their language or being

able to write and add their own texts.

…giving up on classic roles in the classroom

and letting the participants teach their friends

English with the help of IHA material.

…getting to know the world of OpenEducationalResources

together with the participants.

For us the Community Center was not primarily a space for people to seek help – but a more space where people got the chance to be involved in society again because they felt safe enough to think, learn and share their ideas. This understanding made it possible to deconstruct hierarchies and cocreate education together with the participants.

In the end I learned a lot from all these different perspectives on life that were gathered in the Community Center and now in webinars from all the different educators and I am more than thankful for this wonderful privilege.


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