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An update on refugeeEd’s work during the Covid-19 pandemic

The current situation in Greece

The Covid-19 pandemic poses a huge threat to the 75,000 refugees stuck in camps in Greece. Accommodation in the camps is unstable and cramped - it’s likely the virus will have a devastating impact on refugees living in this environment.

We are very concerned by the situation in Greece and are monitoring events closely. We are grateful for the efforts of NGOs and other organisations which are offering immediate support on the ground to refugees. The pandemic has had a huge impact on refugeeEd’s work. We are no longer able to provide face to face support for education organisations and teaching volunteers are no longer able to offer lessons – thousands of refugees are missing out on vital education.

How refugeeEd is responding

Our team is working to adapt how we provide support during this crisis and identify opportunities where we can offer services remotely. Our Field Coordinator in Greece has been working closely with education organisations to understand what their needs are at this time. As most organisations are currently not able to meet their students in person, most are focusing on delivering online content and taking time to develop their education programmes for when lock-down ends.

As organisations take a rare moment to review their education programmes, curriculums or internal processes, we are matching them with teachers with relevant skills and experience to mentor them online. We are also holding a series of online workshops, both on topics that are useful in the current context, and others to support teachers for when in-person teaching can resume. These are a chance for organisations to learn from each other, as well as the experienced facilitator.

Internet connections which are overstretched in many of the camps are proving a challenge to organisations delivering teaching via video conferencing. We are supporting some organisations as they deliver online learning to their students remotely. This is possible in some places and not in others, so we are exploring other ways of reaching students.

Why we need your support and how you can help

Life in lockdown is difficult for everyone, but it's especially challenging for those stuck in a refugee camp. Education brings opportunity and offers structure at a time of such uncertainty. The experience of learning brings people together and fosters a sense of community. It's so important that we can support local organisations to provide a high quality education, both now via online platforms, and in-person once restrictions are limited.

Your support is needed more than even before. As a result of restrictions in England, events and activities have been cancelled which were vital for our fundraising. We are now looking at alternative ways to raise funds and engage supporters with our work.

You can support our work by making a donation here.

If you are a teacher who has more capacity at the moment or someone who has education experience and would like to offer your expertise and time to support us then please get in touch with us at

If you are able to support us in any way over the coming weeks and months we would be very grateful. Thank you.

The refugeeEd team


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