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Volunteering: learn new skills while making a difference

Having worked as a freelancer for most of my career I have had the opportunity to manage my own schedule when projects allow. In a period where things were not so busy I decided to do a bit of soul searching. Despite enjoying my job I found that at times projects were not wholly fulfilling. I concluded that I needed to rectify this whilst also expanding my skill set in content creation. 

Not knowing where to begin I searched through volunteering roles that would best suit my interests and skill set. I knew I had an interest in opportunities that would help young people to reach their potential. I have been very lucky in terms of my own education, and think it's vital for people to get the best start in life. It was then that I saw the opportunity to help with communications at Refugee Ed. Being honest when I began I didn’t know a lot about the charity or the specifics of the refugee situation in Greece, beyond an instinctive response to the clear injustices. 

Working in content creation, but mainly in video, I had dabbled in social media, but was looking for a chance to get involved in strategy and also copywriting. As many of you may know, it is often hard to break into the creative industries let alone be allowed to do things considered outside your ‘traditional’ skillset. At Refugee Ed the focus is of course on the work we do out in Greece but as an entirely volunteer led team individuals are encouraged to work on the things that really excite them. For me this has meant building out a strategy for facebook to help the charity reach its goals, and hopefully soon a trip out to Greece to collect some content for the project!

Personally this has been a fantastic opportunity to expand my skill set while also feeling I am contributing to a cause I believe in. Volunteering is a great way to help organisations who need it and simultaneously explore your own career interests. If you are feeling a little stuck or unfulfilled have a search through volunteering opportunities - maybe you could even help us out at Refugee Ed!


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