Ensuring that children and adults fleeing violence have access to a good education.

Today in Greece, there are 60,000 people stuck in camps and unstable accommodation:

57% of children are not in formal schooling.

Adults are in need of language skills to help them build a new life.


Dedicated volunteers are doing what they can to help. But they lack resources and educational expertise.


  • We pair experienced teachers with local organisations who need training and mentoring.

  • We prepare and support our teachers before, during and after their trips.

  • We work to ensure that everyone can access a good education.


For experienced teachers looking to support the refugee crisis who can't commit to a long-term trip

Most volunteer teachers arrive full of creativity, compassion and determination. Yet few have a background in education.  So your input can help maximise the impact of an education project.

We partner you with an organisation that needs volunteer training and mentoring to develop their work. We help you to develop a training programme, teacher mentoring and/or support strategy. We offer support before, during and after your trip. 

We recommend you visit more than once (e.g. during 2 school holidays) to more fully understand the context, prepare an effective support programme, and stay in contact with your organisation when you're back home. Or we recommend you stay for at least 6 weeks to embed yourself in the organisation.

If you currently teach in a school we help you organise assemblies, class partnerships and targeted fundraising for educational resources on your return. 

If you are an experienced trainer, you may run a training programme for a group of organisations working in the area, to build capacity across the region.


Volunteer with education projects in need of teachers

If you can commit to teaching in Greece for a month or more but don't know how to find a project, we can help.

Let us know your availability, experience and any special requirements and help you find an organisation who could most benefit from your time and experience.

We also offer the support before, during and after your trip that many under-resourced organisations are not able to provide.

All the volunteers agree that the training was really useful, you gave them many practical ideas that they can use in class, also some original techniques and how to deal in different situations.... They are going to start to implement some of the examples that you gave them this week...Thanks for everything!!

Lourdes, coordinator, Open Cultural Centre Polykastro


Resources and support

Fill in this form if you are in need of short-term mentors or long-term teachers so that we can match you with the right person.

Explore our range of free teaching tips and resources developed by trained TEFl and classroom teachers who have taught in the field.