Your donation could fund qualified teachers to stay long-term with educational projects. This enables them to make a lasting impact through mentoring, training, and planning curriculums.

Monthly Donation

£7 could pay for a class of 30 children to have three 45 minute English lessons by a qualified teacher

£14 can fund a qualified teacher for one day each month

£22 could fund two teacher-led training sessions for fifteen volunteers every month

£35 per month could pay for Monday morning's lessons, every week

For charities like refugeeEd, regular contributions allow us to plan for the future. With a regular income stream, we can promise our teachers, and the children they work with, that we will be able to support them to stay long-term.


One-off Donation

£11 could pay for four lessons on emotional literacy led by a qualified teacher

£25 could fund a qualified teacher to provide seven hours of mentoring and training for volunteers

£60 could allow a teacher to spend four days building a curriculum tailored to the needs of refugee children

Five donors each contributing £120, could support a teacher to work with a project for two months

If you're not currently able to make a donation, there are lots of other ways in which you can help us at refugeeEd. This ranges from volunteering to simply posting a tweet or two about us!